William Colgan, Ph.D.

I am a research climatologist. I study glaciers as indicators of climate change using computer simulations, satellite observations and field measurements. I received my Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Colorado in 2011.

In the past five years I have worked in government-, university- and private-sector settings in the United States, Denmark and Canada. I value communicating climate science via both social and conventional media. This is my personal website.

research overview

My research has three main themes: computer simulations of ice form and flow, satellite observations of glacier and ice sheet mass balance and glacier-related geotechnical or geophysical challenges. I perform fieldwork in support of each of these themes, such as maintaining automatic weather stations to collect local small data against which to evaluate the big data of satellite observations and computer simulations.

Although people tend to think of ice as a solid object, it actually behaves as a fluid, flowing like an extremely viscous river on geological timescales. My computer simulations of thermo-mechanical ice flow are both hypothesis-based, like diagnostic simulations seeking to reproduce observed behaviour from first-principles physics, and objective-based, like prognostic simulations seeking to estimate future sea level rise contribution (11,28,33).

There are three main ways that satellites can assess the health of land ice: volume changes measured by satellite altimetry, mass changes inferred by satellite gravimetry and differencing satellite-inferred iceberg discharge from simulated net snowfall rate. I mainly focus on blending coincident satellite altimetry and gravimetry observations, to overcome their complementary weaknesses, but I am also interested in pre-satellite mass balance (16,23,29).

My applied glaciology research examines the unique geotechnical or geophysical challenges associated with human activites on, or adjacent to, glaciers in the context of impact assessment. These challenges include supraglacial runoff and en-/sub-glacial water flow, ice movement beneath infrastructure or into excavations, and crevasse hazards. My applied glaciology research to date has focused on prospective industrial projects and abandoned military bases (17,22,39).

field photography

I have documented over 300 expedition days, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, as a hobby photographer. Although glacier and ice sheet field work is inherently photogenic, it can be rather hostile to camera equipment. I maintain a Picasa album of some of my favourite field photographs. Please contact me for media use.

communicating science

I value deliberate efforts to communicate climate change science to the broader public. I think outreach activities are critical to fostering citizen science, or public participation in scientific research, and ultimately increasing the democratization of science. I maintain a Twitter account for transmitting and receiving climate change science, and I occassionally blog about my research.

peer-reviewed publications

I have lead-authored 16, and co-authored a further 23, peer-reviewed publications since 2008. I am a strong supporter of journals published by professional societies, as well as the movement of peer-reviewed papers to open access format. I maintain a GoogleScholar profile, which tracks my research citations and recent collaborators.

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