If you want to see what I’ve been up to lately, here are some recent mentions of my work in the news. I appreciate that getting climate change stories into the news cycle is tough. I am generally as supportive as possible to journalists engaged on climate.

Greenland is losing so much ice that its gravity is getting weaker: Researcher. CBC The Current. by Mouhamad Rachini (19 January 2024)

Greenland's Ice Sheet: The Epicentre of the Climate Crisis. The Strombo Show (7 December 2023)

Nyt forskningsprojekt: Er der en varm kilde under isen i Nordøstgrønland? Sermitsiaq AG (2 July 2023)

The U.N. Could Have a Secret Legal Weapon to Fight Climate Change. Foreign Policy. by Jeff Colgan and William Colgan (5 April 2023)

Global Hating: How online abuse of climate scientists harms climate action. Global Witness (4 April 2023)

Dokumentarfilm tager dig med, når forskere smelter hul i Indlandsisen. GEUS News (28 February 2023)

気候変動で変わるグリーンランド TBS News Dig (13 November 2022)

Where My Climate Doubts Began to Melt. New York Times. by Bret Stephens (28 October 2022)

Danske øer kan blive ubeboelige: Forskere forventer dobbelt så store havstigninger som hidtil antaget. Politiken. by Mette Guldagger and Magnus Bredsdorff (5 October 2022)

Forsker bag nyt studie om indlandsisen: Havstigningerne kommer, og vi er slet ikke forberedt. Ræson (6 September 2022)

Gravity-weakening melting ice in Greenland to raise global sea levels by nearly a foot, study says. FOX Weather. by Steven Yablonski (31 August 2022)

Major sea-level rise caused by melting of Greenland ice cap is ‘now inevitable’. The Guardian. by Damian Carrington (29 August 2022)

Three Greenlandic glaciers named after late glaciologists. GEUS News (20 June 2022)

Mapping geothermal heat in Greenland shows unexpected coolness. GEUS News (12 May 2022)

Les détectives du ciel. by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire (21 January 2022)

Quest for the North Pole: Live from Greenland. Mental Floss. by Kat Long (13 January 2022)