I greatly value all efforts to communicate the climate crisis to the broader public. These outreach activities are often critical to highlighting the importance of climate science in general, and the cryosphere in particular. I am very supportive to journalists and other communicators engaged on climate. Occasionally, with a lot of planning and permissions, I host outreach collaborators in Greenland.


I collaborate with Underground Channel on creative film projects. In 2023, we premiered a feature-length documentary at CPH:DOX, The Color of Ice, that deals with climate change and cultural change in Northwest Greenland. Once it finishes the film festival circuit, it will be available on free streaming platforms under CC-BY license (expected late 2024). Until then, you are welcome to contact me about hosting a screening. We are working on another documentary project at the moment, but it's still a couple years away from completion.


I have an ongoing outreach project to collect Camp Century photographs from veterans who served there in the 1960s. I enjoy my conversations with long-retired ‘Iceworms’. Their memories can fill some gaps in the old archived technical reports I otherwise consult. My long-term ambition is to preserve and compile these historic photos into an open-access public archive (CC-BY license). I am also writing a book. It's definitely not the type of book anyone is expecting me to write. It's a challenge, mostly finding the time, but you are welcome to ask me about it next time you see me!